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The final day of the Auckland Handball Social League 2021

Torbay Tornados and Central City Slingers met head-to-head on the court starting the first game of the finale. With the Slingers needed only one point from this game to secure their first place in the league, the Tornados were determined to make that uneasy task for the Slingers. The game as always was a thriller and the Tornados put on a dominant display to run out 15 – 13 winners against the Slingers.

Waitakere Winners team vowed to entertain everyone by putting an exceptional performance to reiterate that even if the past three weeks were not great in terms of numbers, the team still has a lot to offer. The Waitakere Winners took on the Slingers in a very competitive match that the Waitakere Winners finished with a win (13-10) to only make it harder for the Slingers to take the trophy home.

On the last game of the finale, the two teams (Waitakere Winners and Torbay Tornados) came with high motivation after winning their first games. The game as anticipated was a thriller and highly competitive. Both teams were trialing each other until the Tornados dominated the last minutes of the game to walk away with a win, a big one that enabled them to engrave their name on the trophy for the second time (Final Result: 13 – 11).

The 4 weeks-competition once again proved to be a popular event for our community and attracts more players to our sport. We are pleased to see a huge engagement and commitment from all members and new players. While some of you are a bit sad this came to an end quite fast, we are already looking forward to next year’s edition with an improved structure.

Photo Credits: Luis Fernando Sales @if_sales

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