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Auckland Handball in 2020 - The Year in Review

An eventful but exciting year for Auckland Handball.

"Reviewing all the events this year It is hard to name a highlight. We have been focusing strongly on the youth program & the application for funds. A big success was the establishment of a women's team and the preparation of the teams for the Auckland Handball tournament.

2020 a year in review
ARH Youth Program, Virtual Social Drinks, ARH Tournament, Social Games & League, Beach Handball

We strengthen internal processes and improved communication within the committee. Our vision to provide a unique experience of our diverse culture bringing everyone together in one handball whanau is still the same. Even during covid the handball community and its players maintained a high level of engagement. Many people showed up for the virtual social events.

We have finished the year with the social league and the legendary Auckland Handball Christmas party.

Our involvement goes beyond the border of Auckland where we support and engage with other sports clubs. We are open to learn and grow while establishing an environment where our players feel safe and have fun. The diversity of Auckland handball proves that the passion for a sport can bring people together and build lasting connections.

As the president of Auckland Handball, I have built a life in Auckland and strongly believe in contributing back to the community. My goal is to bring communities together through sport. In the past year, the team has contributed to establishing handball as a sport in schools all around Auckland. Being part of this journey is an interesting, challenging and rewarding experience.

I‘m proud to be a member of the handball whanau in New Zealand. Thanks for all the support and trust of the handball community.

A special shoutout goes to Qassim, Katharina & Pepe who put their heart and soul into Auckland Handball. After being stuck for almost a year overseas, I will return to New Zealand in January. I’m so excited about all the big things planned for 2021. Get ready!"

- Thomas Schmider | Auckland Handball President


2020 has been a roller coaster.

"We started strong with great social league games and high participation, the youth program being on track to expand and grow further until COVID-19 hit us and we had to pause all activities.

ARH Youth Program, Virtual Social Drinks, ARH Tournament, IHF Coaching Course, Beach Handball, XMAS

Nonetheless, we managed to organize and host a great tournament in Auckland (thanks to all the volunteers and teams participating), before we went into lockdown again. Since the end of lockdown 2, we had a great social league, the youth program has been going strong thanks to all our amazing coaches, a lovely Christmas party, and a good start to the beach handball season.

Shoutout to Pepe who manages our finances reliably offers calm perspectives and without whom organizing teams and schedules for the tournament wouldn’t be the same (it would probably be a bit of chaos). And he is always up for a bit of joking. Thanks for all your hard work!

If I had to name 1 highlight: Seeing us build the women’s team. It has been amazing to see how especially our new players developed. This wouldn’t have been possible without Gaston prioritizing coaching the team over his own training sessions.

We are looking forward to having fun on the court and growing handball in Auckland further in 2021!"

- Katharina Wichmann | Auckland Handball Secretary


We were able to adapt to challenges in 2020.

"I would say that the highlights were our "Secretary" and "Vice": Katha and Qassim.

Qassim has been very dedicated to AKL Handball: from youth program to tournament, from planning the teams to applying for funds, etc. And also the best player on the court! Amazing!

Fitness Challenge, Covid-19 Guidelines, ARH Tournament, Beach Handball, Learning German via Handball

Katha has been fundamental too: building the women team, keeping socially AKL handball alive during the lockdowns, and always bringing clarity and wisdom. And we know how busy she is! Wonderful!

Also special thanks to you Thomas for keeping the social media component strong and healthy from the other side of the world.

We could adapt to the 2020 challenge, and we ended up the season having fun and happy (social league + Xmas party). I'm very optimistic about 2021."

- Pepe Romeo | Auckland Handball Treasurer

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