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First round of Auckland Handball Social League 2021

Yesterday we witnessed some great quality handball on display. Having such a great turnout of players (yes 45 players) is encouraging.

The league kicked off with a hotly contested game between City Slingers and Torbay Tornados. The Tornados started solid with a 5-goals lead until the Slingers woke up for redemption where they turned the table to have a very close game that we saw the match ended with a draw (15:15).

The Slingers with their determination to retain the the title this year, took on Waitakere Winners on the second game which was a close one and finished the match with a two-goal lead (12:10)

In the the third game, the Waitakere Winners faced the Tornados who were eager to finish the day with a win which they did eventually by walking away with a 6 goal lead win (Final result 10:16)

It was great to see our youth players engaging well and taking lead and key positions in their teams.

Tune in for more actions and thrilling games next Tuesday (7-9 pm) in round 2 of the league.

Find out more on Facebook or Instagram.

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