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Torbay Tornados are leading the Auckland Handball Social League

Opening Game: Torbay Tornados vs Waitakere Winners

A solid opening match that we saw the Waitakere Winners trialing the Tornadoes till the end of the game. The Tornadoes once again walked away with a win (10:14).

Torbay Tornados vs City Slingers

The Tornadoes with a win under their belt, took on the Slingers. Everyone was on the edge of their seats to witness the Tornados reducing a 5 goals deficit and both teams traded blows in a thriller that ended 16:16.

City Slingers vs Waitakere Winners

The Slingers managed to secure a win with a surprisingly difficult 11:10 win over Waitakere Winners in the very last seconds of the game.

This week again we have seen an increase of the turnup with 4 new players who joined Auckland Handball.

It is very impressive to see how the youth players as well as new players who recently joined handball are engaging and performing well with their teams.

With two more weeks to fold the league, we are anticipating more thrillers and competitiveness where the three teams are putting on a big show with the aim to take the trophy home for the 2021 year.

Next Games 3 Aug:

19:20 City Slingers vs Waitakere Winners

19:50 Torbay Tornados vs Waitakere Winners

20:20 City Slingers vs Torbay Tornados

Photo Credits @ Luis Fernando Sales

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