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Auckland Handball
Youth Program 2022

If you are interested in establishing Handball in your school please click the following link and fill out the form.
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Teaching handball at schools is a key success factor to sustainable growth, please contact us if you would like to explore this opportunity further.

Free training for youth players every Monday from 5pm to 6:30pm at YMCA City (149 Greys Avenue, Auckland CBD)​

What is Handball? 

  • It is a Male & Female Team Sport 

  • The aim is to throw the ball into the opponent's goal 

  • Players work together, passing & dribbling the ball up the court in an attempt to score a goal 

  • It is a fast-flowing & fun game 

  • The sport requires strength, speed, and agility and has been compared to being a cross between football and basketball 

  • Not unusual for more than 20 goals per side to be scored in a game

Auckland Handball Youth Team in Wellington

The Auckland Handball Youth team at the Junior Boys Cup in Wellington 2021

Since we have started the Youth Program in 2019 we have built a sustainable foundation for an active, and vibrant Auckland Handball with the goal to develop youth handball further. Auckland Handball is aiming at promoting team sports to give back to the community by encouraging and inspiring children and youth to be active and learn how to collaborate and develop in a team environment.

Our vision is to offer coaching close to the different communities, covering all of Auckland Region from the North Shore to the South of Auckland as well as west Auckland and east Auckland, e.g. recently we participated in an introduction to handball at the girl's sports day in Manukau.

This offering should be extended in order to reach diverse communities and impact wellbeing and health across all of Auckland. For us, this includes an integrating factor including Maori as well as immigrants - on a handball field origin and income are not relevant, all players are an equally important part of the team to achieve success. Our programme is targeted at setting the foundation for lifelong excitement and commitment to participate in sports and recreation, a fundamental component for ongoing personal growth.

Health and wellbeing are important components in today’s world, which should be focused on from the early age to embed it into one’s life early on. Our goal is to increase youth’sparticipation in team sports by providing handball coaching, combining the benefits of fullbody workout, quick decision making and team spirit.

Our aim is to remove the costs and offer Handball in Auckland for free. Leveraging volunteers from Auckland Handball who can share their extensive experience and knowledge. The idea is to provide training decentralized, in the different areas of Auckland. So far we have been targeting Manukau, Botany, Auckland central and Takapuna. We areworking on expanding the offer, especially towards the west and south of Auckland.

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To me, handball isn’t just a sport, it’s part of my life. It is the combination of love, passion and responsibilities. As a youth player in Auckland Handball, I really enjoy the opportunities given to us to showcase our sportsmanships as well as leaderships. As AKl handball is celebrating its ten years anniversary, it’s an honour to be one of the younger generations working towards the sport recognition and handball generalisation amongst schools. This I call it home.

Nicholas Choi,

Auckland Handball Youth Captain

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Our main three expected long-term benefits are contribution to:

  1. improved health outcomes through being active and participating in regular sporting activities.

  2. increased social capabilities through playing a team sport and being part of a handball club.

  3. adding to the sports on offer, providing an additional alternative the most common NZ sports.

We strongly believe that the future of every community lies in capturing the fun, growth and passion of its people.

With this program in place we have been able to successfully create a high performance youth team that we sent to the 2021 Junior Boys Cup in Wellington. The structure and planning that went into this program allowed us to attract sponsors and apply for sport funds which made it possible to fully fund the trip to Wellington including flights, accommodation & other expenses for the whole team.

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